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All applicants are advised to read the Parental Guide to School Admissions, which gives full details of how applications are processed and the deadlines which must be adhered to. Parents who are refused a place at their preferred school will have the right to an independent appeal. Please note this does not apply to nursery admissions.

The Council has no obligation to find an alternative school for a child who does not have permanent residence within the local authority boundary. Parents should read the authorities school transport policy to establish whether transport will be provided. The distance measured will be the "shortest and safest available walking route" between the nearest entrance / front gate of the home and the nearest gate / entrance of the school, as determined by the Council. A route is deemed "available" if a child can walk to school in reasonable safety, accompanied as necessary. Parents should notify School Admissions as soon as possible, in writing, if a child's permanent address changes after the closing date for applications. Any changes before the closing date can be made via the online system.

Please remember to RESUBMIT your application if making changes online. Parents intending to move into the designated catchment area of a particular school are advised that it is essential to provide evidence such as a solicitor's letter / exchange of contracts document / tenancy agreement confirming the intention to move and the date of completion no later than the closing date in order for this to be taken into consideration.

Any applications that are received after the closing date, or applications that remain incomplete (i.e. without proof of address) at the closing date will be determined as being late, which may increase the possibility of not achieving a place at the preferred school. Allegations of fraudulent claims will be investigated and places may be withdrawn if parents have knowingly provided false information in order to obtain the advantage of a particular school, to which they would not normally be entitled. The Council requires proof of residency in support of all applications and for this purpose, if you live in Vale of Glamorgan it is possible for the Council to refer to your Council Tax record. This can only be done with your consent. It is a condition of this online application system that applicants give this consent. Therefore, consent will be assumed by the making of an online application. If you are unwilling to give consent for this, you should make a paper application for which physical, photocopied evidence will be required. Without this evidence a school place may not be offered, or an offered place could be wihdrawn.